Fridge-freezer: ordered

Yesterday, I was looking for fridge-freezers online. I was disappointed by the choices: it looked like I’d have to get an ordinary uninspiring one. The worst thing about this was that I’d have to look at all the features available and work out which one was the best.

When looked again at my browser, I started closing the millions of open tabs. I stopped when I got to one tab. It had a fridge like the one I was so excited by yesterday, but with only one fridge door instead of two. That’s probably better, because the join will waste storage space in the door.

The reviews on the website (independently made through Reevoo) were good; elsewhere on the internet, the reviews were good. The only downside was the price: it wasn’t exactly cheap.

See how super-duper it is:

It’s super-duper!

I told Colin I wanted this super-duper fridge-freezer. He baulked at the price. I told him it was super-duper — even more super-duper than the one I found yesterday, because this one would fit. He did some measuring of his own, and concluded it would.

It will be here in two to four weeks.

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