What Caity does

Caity aims to become proficient at various activities, such as gardening, arts and crafts, and cookery; and intends to continue exploring the wondrous world of language, both natural and programming. She also hopes to get fit; to this end, she has started running. She runs slowly because she feels it’s important to be able to breathe at the same time.

Who Caity is

Caity used to be a lot of things, but now she’s trying to find her place in the world.

Caity lives with Mr Perkins and Colin.

What this site is

This site is a chronicle of Caity’s progress — or lack thereof — in and experience of the activities listed above.

Requests for link swaps

Caity is delighted and grateful that you’ve taken the time to read part of her website. However, this site is personal to Caity and her experiences of the above activities.

Please don’t ask her to add a link to your site. She researches the links in her posts and is happy with those links. She’s very unlikely to add new links even as a link exchange; she thanks you for the offer, though.

What pandammonium means

Yonks ago, Caity was registering for some website or other and had to think up a username. She chose pandaemonium, but of course it had already gone, as had pandemonium. She had a little think, and came up the spelling pandammonium as a play on pandas and her first degree subject of chemistry: panda + ammonium (NH4+) → pandammonium.

Caity drew the panda eating bamboo as a logo, but neglected to draw in a container of ammonium salts because she didn’t think she could draw such a thing in a way that people would get. That’s not to cast aspersions on people, but on her own lack of electronic-art talent.

Who the images on this site are by

The images on this site are by Caity, unless otherwise indicated in the caption or attachment page (reached by clicking in-post images). The caption isn’t shown when lots of blog posts are listed, for example, on the home page, in search results or when viewing the posts belonging to a particular category. The caption is shown on individual pages and blog posts.

The third-party images Caity chooses have Creative Commons licences, and she modifies only those which permit changes. Third party images may or may not be reused by others, depending on the original licence. All third party images are attributed as stated above.

The images by Caity are not licensed for use elsewhere by anyone for any purpose.