Collocation of words: the collection

I talked about collocations of words in this post, giving a few examples:

Collocation of words

Here, I’d like to collect more examples of collocations that I find out in the wild, testing them with Google Ngrams. I didn’t mention it in the aforementioned post, but one of the terms/words is generally found more commonly with a certain other term/word than the other way round. An example is angry mob, discussed below.

Angry mob

For example, if you look at the Google Ngram for *_ADJ mob, you find that mobs are more likely to be angry than anything else nowadays:

*_ADJ mob

Angry mob stands head and shoulders above other types of mobs. Conversely, many things can be described as angry, with no one description standing out:

angry *_NOUN

Other examples

  • battered suitcase
  • blithering idiot
  • wry smile