Let there be light

The electrician finally came back today. Now, we have no random wires sticking out of the walls and ceilings, although we do have a couple more holes to plaster over. They’re mainly attached to new light switches, with the ceiling wire being attached to a light pendant.

The original light fitting was moved to one end of the room, leaving the other end quite dark. Now, we have a new light fitting at that end, which is controlled independently of the original one. The original one is a two-way system, having switches from the kitchen and the hall. The new one only has one by the kitchen door. The two kitchen door switches are lumped together in a new double switch.

double light switch
extra living room light switch
light fitting
extra living room light fitting

The kitchen and landing light switches are three-way systems. Multi-complicated.

The landing has one switch at the bottom of the stairs, one at the top of the stairs and now one near our bedroom door. No more fumbling about at the top of the stairs in the dark.

The kitchen has one switch by the back door, one switch at the bottom of the stairs (in a double switch with the landing light) and now one by the living room door. Since we moved in, we’ve been trying to switch on the kitchen light as we entered from the living room, but we couldn’t. No more fumbling around in the kitchen in the dark.

light switch
the landing light switch we always tried to switch on but failed to — because it wasn’t there
light switch
the kitchen light switch we always tried to switch on but failed to — because it wasn’t there
hole in the wall
hole in the wall

Let’s not forget the fuse box. It’s outdated and needs replacing to meet the new regulations, so I’m told. It’s also impossible to get its cover off the wall without creating a whole load of damage — a piece of coving has already bitten the dust. It’s really jammed in somehow. This is bad because they were supposed to do some tests without the cover on.

fuse box
fuse box — almost fused to the wall

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