On the boat, we had a 12 V fridge. A 12 V fridge is no use in a house with a 230 V electrical system; we left that fridge on the boat.

The previous owner of our house left us his old fridge-freezer, so we at least had somewhere to put the milk. Once I’d defrosted it, the cleaning company left it smelling of bleach.

As you know, I wasn’t impressed with the cleaners who came to clean the house. I decided that instead of cleaning it after them, I’d buy a new one. Today, I spent time doing fridge research.

Instead of taking out the tape measure straight away, I turned on the computer. The exciting American fridges I suspected would be too big. That left the normal uninspiring ones like the one we already have.

However, I discovered a compromise. It had a fridge at the top and a freezer at the bottom like the normal ones. But, it had centre-opening doors and two freezer drawers — and the top drawer can be used as a freezer, a chiller or an extra fridge drawer. It was super-duper!

Excitedly, I found the tape measure and measured the space: 63cm. I looked back at the computer to see how wide the super-duper fridge was: 70cm.

It’s going to have to be an uninspiring fridge-freezer after all.

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