New running leggings

The Kalenji running leggings that I ordered from Decathlon arrived today. I was expecting them tomorrow, but I got a message to say they’d arrive today.

I tried them on to check the fit. When I bought them, I didn’t know what size to get, so I checked Decathlon’s size guide. It was nothing like the usual size guide: a table of chest, waist and hip measurements corresponding to the different sizes offered. They don’t often match mine.

Decathlon’s size guide was a series of questions including age, weight and body shape. It seemed a bit intrusive, perhaps, but they reassured me they were only asking to find the right size. When I’d answered all the questions, they recommended a size to me, which I accepted.

As I pulled them on today, I thought they might be a bit tight, but they weren’t. They were a really good fit. There’s a drawstring to make sure they’re snug around the waist; this will help keep them up as I slim down.

The length is good. There’s a trend for 7/8 length leggings, which might work for some people, but I want mine down to my ankles, and that’s where they end.

The interactive, slightly intrusive size guide worked.

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