Door stops

Today, we fixed door stops to stop some of the doors banging on things.

doorstop for door from front door to living room
doorstop for door from front door to living room

The first one, we put right against the wall, which was a bad idea because it makes it difficult to screw the blighter in. Once we moved it, and Colin set the drill’s screwdriver torque setting to the right value, it was easy to fit.

We did Colin’s den door, my studio door and the door into the living room from the front door.

We still have to do the door to the living room from the kitchen and the door to the stairs from the kitchen. The former is waiting on us getting a sofa so we know where the door stop goes. The latter is waiting for us to find the device that finds AC currents in the wall because it has to go on the wall level with an electrical socket.

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