Weeds: removal and growth

I chopped down a load of weeds. I thought I’d dig the roots up, but the soil was rock hard from being broiled by the hot sun. I also had to abandon the gardening because spiders. When I next looked at the garden, it had rained heavily, so the ground was soft enough to dig. However, the weeds were growing back! That wasn’t part of the plan at all.

I went to the shop, and bought a hoe and some weed killer spray. I thought I’d dig up what I could, and anything left, I could treat with the weed killer. After the spray had done its thing, I would cover the soil with black sheeting to stop the weeds from growing any more.

Trouble is, it was too windy to use the spray, so all I could do was physically remove weeds and their roots. I hoed up a lot of weed seedlings (weedlings?). They were too small to scoop up easily, so they got left there in a pile. I should have waited till the wind died down, really.

I dug up some big nettle roots. Who knew nettle roots were quite so big? About a centimetre in diameter, some of them! But I have to be careful not to dig up the plant parts, so that there are some green leaves that I can spray.

I also got some weed killer to dab on the tree stumps to kill them off and some for the ivy. I couldn’t use either: it was too windy to spray the ivy and the stump product said to wait till November.

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