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More gardening tools of mass destruction

The idea of buying an axe was put into my head. I liked this idea, so I went to Homebase and found me an axe. I dithered over whether to get one with a wooden handle or a fibre glass handle. The difference in price was pennies, so that wasn’t a factor. The wood one looked much nicer than the fibre glass one. I wielded each axe (I perhaps should have put my handbag down); the fibre glass one seemed easier to wield than the wood one. The fibre glass one was lighter than the wood one. The fibre glass one won. As a bonus, there was a smaller axe that matched the fibre glass axe. Can’t beat a matching pair of axes!

You may recall that when I was destroying removing the skirting boards from my room, I needed something with a bit of leverage. The internet said to get a pickaxe, but the man in the shop, not knowing I required leverage only, suggested a mattock. A mattock is no good for removing skirting boards, but is good for chopping up unwanted tree roots and things in gardens. So I put a mattock in the trolley.

I also bought some shears for easier chopping down of hedges and swatches of weeds. A scythe would have been perfect for the latter, but Homebase don’t seem to sell scythes.

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