The bathroom has a bath

a bath in the bathroom
there is a bath in the bathroom
Is a room without a bath really a bathroom? We need debate this no more: the bathroom now has a bath.

The bath is plumbed in, so I could have a bath if I wanted, but given the tiler’s been busy and there’s no heating in there just yet, so it’s not ideal. Besides, I’d rather wait until the bathroom is finished and I can relax completely in it.

The walls and floor are part tiled. There’s a problem with the tiling to go behind the sink, though: the wall isn’t flat, despite the plasterer’s best efforts.

There’s also a problem with the number of tiles. The shower was originally going to go at one end of the bath, but now, for various reasons, it’s going in the middle of the bath. This means the whole wall behind the bath has to be tiled, so now there aren’t enough tiles and they have to order some more. Still, this configuration is growing on me.

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