Extra running required

Yesterday, I tagged along with Colin to Cambridge to meet some of the British Buffer cohort. It’s always a pleasure to see the Buffer crew: they’re all so friendly and interesting. And we’re almost guaranteed to find a burrito somewhere for lunch.

At the end of the day, Colin and I discussed what we were going to have for tea. I think we both knew deep down it was going to be cheesy chips from the takeaway, but we had to go through the motions.

Monday isn’t Cheat Day, so we had to atone for our calorie-laden sins. Each of us had to run further than normal, so we each stuck a run down Padnal into the mix.

The run to the start of Padnal is uphill, which, with the wind in your face, is a killer for me, and I always feel like giving up. But I don’t. I listen to my tunes and tell myself to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

The start of Padnal is sharply downhill, so it’s more of a fall than a run. Padnal isn’t paved, so it’s stony and squelchy, and keeps you on your toes after the pavements and roads of earlier in the run.

Considering I ran further than yesterday, my pace was only a second slower. Despite everything, I can run faster (~11 min/mile) with a lower heart rate (~165 bpm) than when I first started running with my Garmin, so I must be getting fitter. The stiffness in my legs tells me otherwise; I hope the bathroom is finished soon so I can have a nice hot bath!

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