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A couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to go for a run by Ruth Field’s book. It wasn’t a long run, but I set off too fast and I could barely breathe when I got back.

When I got my breath back, I read more of the book. It turned out I’d done it all wrong: I was supposed to find a route that would take about an hour and a half to walk, and walk it. This seemed a bit much to me, especially as Field had just been going on about how lack of time was no excuse for no exercise. I get the impression that you’re meant to introduce the running gradually to this walk. Well, I couldn’t be doing with that; so I rebelled.

I went out running again (not on the same day, of course), making sure I kept my pace slow enough for breathing to be possible. I have gone out running again on many of the days since and I’ve gradually extended the route. According to my UP band, I ran 1.5 miles today. I’ve never run that far before.


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