10k training in a couple of weeks

I hurt my leg a while ago. I tried running on it recently, to see how it was; it was fine. So I got back into training, with only two weeks to go, and a loss of fitness to cope with.


On Monday, I ran 4.5 miles and went to Pilates in the evening.

On Tuesday, I ran 4.5 miles.

On Wednesday, I went to HOP. I didn’t do the proper jogging during the weights section because I didn’t want to risk damaging my leg again. I did a kind of hoppity-march thing instead. My leg held out. Phew. I also upped the weights from 0.5 kg to 1 kg during the upper body strength section and the abs section. Ow.

On Thursday, I rested because HOP.

On Friday, I ran 10k in 1:08. I was exhausted afterwards, but I was pleased I did it, just so I know I still can.

On Saturday, I rested.

On Sunday, I walked 10k. My legs didn’t like that much.

This week, I have to taper, which is the technical term for slacking off during the last week before the big day on Sunday.


Today, Monday, I went to Pilates.

Tomorrow, I’ll go out for a 5k run.

Wednesday will be HOP, where I will use the same weights as I did last week.

Thursday will be a rest day, because HOP.

On Friday, I’ll go out for a short run, maybe 3–5 km.

On Saturday, I’ll be resting and carb-loading.


Carb-loading is necessary to provide the body with energy, ready for a lot of physical effort. I think it will be my favourite part of training: carb-loading is the technical term for eating all the pies.

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