My leg has popped again

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After my successful leg trial at parkrun, I went out with my running group on Thursday. I walked to the meet-up point, with a little jogging now and again, to warm up my legs. I kept moving while we waited for everyone else to turn up. I felt sure my leg would be ok.

But it wasn’t.

Around the same distance as it went last time, it started stiffening up in a slightly different part of the muscle. I kept running this time, and it started to wear off a bit, then waxed and waned in slow waves.

I ran all the way to the end, but it was quite stiff by then. I walked round a little with one of the other runners to loosen up a bit. It kind of worked.

The group leader said to eat more potassium because someone she knew benefitted greatly from eating a banana before exercising. I cannot stand bananas, so I said I’d look for something else containing potassium.

I found an NHS website [1] that listed potassium-rich foods on a page about kidney disease. Included on the list were chocolate, crisps and chips. I think this diet might work.



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