New pandas for old

My original panda logo, although cute, didn’t look quite right. There’s something about the head that seems out of proportion or that is the wrong shape.

Original panda logo: cute but not quite right

I decided I’d adjust the head somewhat, and while I was at it, I’d add some leaves to the bamboo stalks. I made the head, nose and ears smaller, changed the eyes to be more like those of a real panda, changed the shape and size of the ears, and lost the shadow on the ground. Somehow, the black outline of the bamboo disappeared along the way.

Zombie panda logo: better proportions, perhaps, but it does not look cute

I decided to use the panda from PandaPolish by Pandammonium, but looking the other way so it would be looking the same way as the original panda above, and to replace the paper and pencil with bamboo. I coloured the bamboo to match the shades of green used on this site instead of the rather garish shade it was before. These darker shades of green are taken from the cow parsley image used to generate the colours/patterns in the header that are the background to the main site logo.

Cow parsley: the source of the green shades used on this site

The resulting image still isn’t quite as cute as the original panda, but at least it doesn’t look like it’s risen from the dead!

Final logo: it’ll do

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