Pandammonium logo without panda and bamboo

World Wildlife Day 2022: World Without Nature

I have removed all branding from my site that contains nature. This means my logos, which are panda-based, and other images have been altered to remove nature so we can see what a world without nature looks like. These changes will persist from approximately midnight on the morning of 3 March in Kiritimati (Christmas Island, UTC+14) to midnight on the night of 3 March in Alofi (UTC-11).

The WWF is encouraging the removal of nature from the branding of companies, NGOs and sports teams on World Wildlife Day 2022 (3 March) as part of their #WorldWithoutNature campaign.

I might not be a company, but I do have nature in my branding: bamboo and a panda – which I share with the WWF, who are the reason I can’t have as a short URL! I think it makes sense that I remove these elements from my branding on this day.

Have you joined in?

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