XKCD: Ten Thousand

I remember ages at ago, at a party, someone across the kitchen made a remark to the person next to them.

‘It’s amazing how many people don’t know that the Morse code for SMS is used for mobile phone SMS ringtones.’

I thought about it for a moment (I had to compare it with the code points for SOS.) ‘Oh, yeah!’ I thought that was pretty cool.

The previous speaker glanced at me. ‘See, there’s another one.’

It made me feel so small.

XKCD has a better approach.

XKCD: Ten Thousand

Have you had an experience like mine, where the enjoyment and the fun was sucked out by some know-it-all? How did you respond? Did it make you act the same way to someone else or did you go out of your way to join in the fun?

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