Panda-Puss base theme change

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I originally thought I’d use WordPress’s Twenty Twenty-One theme [1] as a base for Panda-Puss. However, with the new block themes [2] introduced in WordPress 5.9 and the lack of progress on Panda-Puss (I’d got as far as changing all the prefixes from the WordPress theme to Panda-Puss prefixes), I thought I’d go for a block theme instead of a traditional one.

I looked at the code for the Twenty Twenty-Two theme [3]; I couldn’t find the Loop [4] anywhere – or much PHP for that matter. The files that generate what you see on the screen when you view a WordPress site seem to be HTML files instead of PHP files. Whaaat?!

I knew I’d need some assistance to help with this. Luckily, I’ve found a how-to guide [5] on I’ll follow along with that and see how I get on.

Watch this space!



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