Let there be lighter light

The original light fitting in the living room was a tad too large for the living room, and Colin had to watch his head if he went near it. It seems there had been more headroom on the boat. The light fitting was trying to be a grandiose, black, three-bulb affair. It was awful.

I decided we’d have a new light fitting and a new light shade.

grandiose light fitting
grandiose light fitting

Colin took his new electrical screw drivers and unscrewed the ugly light fitting while I held it up with increasingly aching arms. Eventually, Colin managed to untangle the disarray of wires and the light shade was set free.

original ceiling rose wiring for reference
original ceiling rose wiring for reference

We were left with a ceiling rose with some red and black wires fastened to it. The new light fitting didn’t fit the ceiling rose, so it had to come off as well. I took a photo for reference purposes.

Colin attached the new ceiling rose to the wires and to the ceiling. There were no wall plugs used in the ceiling, so the screws were going straight into plaster again, or whatever else was up there. Still, he managed to get a decent grip on the screws from somewhere. Hopefully not a wire.

Once that was done, he used my photo as a guide to attach the wires to the new ceiling rose. He thought it best to test the light at this point, so he fitted the bulb — a new-fangled LED one — and switched the electricity back on. I flicked the light switch, and there was light and nothing blew up.

We switched everything off again, then Colin took out the bulb to attach the new light shade, a shorter, lighter, brighter, simpler affair. Finally, he replaced the bulb, and we switched everything on again. It still worked.

It’s like Colin is some sort of electrical DIY genius or something.

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