The radiator valve situation

You may recall I thought I’d turned the radiator valves off properly. Guess what. I hadn’t.

Colin noticed a puddle on his floor — recall his room is directly below my room. He looked up at the ceiling; there was a matching watermark.

I thought it was maybe just off the water that had come out of the radiator that had gone through the floor; I did nothing about it.

The next morning, Colin noticed the puddle on his floor had grown considerably. That’s when I remembered I’d faffed with the valve, and hadn’t defaffed with the valve. I felt the pipe and found water dribbling ever so slowly out of it. I tightened the associated valve. I thought that would stop the leak and the floors and ceiling would dry up. They didn’t.

Given that I hadn’t bought anything to cap the radiator pipes off with because the man in the video hadn’t said I’d need any, the only thing to do was put the radiator back on. It was so much easier to manoeuvre the radiator with Colin’s help, and it hasn’t leaked once since.

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