by Neil Tilbrook [cropped]

Running hiatus and solution: race sign-up

According to Strava, I haven’t run since February. This was my fastest ever 5k time, though: under 30 minutes, as hoped in my last running blog post.

Since then, I’ve been eating cakes and biscuits and takeaway. The problem has been that my source of motivation has been and gone, so I looked for a new one. So now I’m doing this:

Cancer Research UK | Race for Life logo
10k Race for Life in Cambridge on Sunday 17th July

Note that’s a 10k race, not a 5k one. I’ve officially gone crazy. I proved today I can’t even do 5k any more, let alone 10k. Work to be done!

The race is in aid of Cancer Research UK. If you like, you can sponsor me in one of the following ways:

  • online, using my Just Giving page;
  • text YWHA80 £5 to 70070; or
  • if you know me in real life, you can add your name to my sponsorship form.

I have just one question: why so pink?

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