Heavy telly; heavy chair

The previous owner left behind some furniture for us, seeing as we didn’t have any. When we went round to see what he would leave, we agreed he’d leave the recliner chair and I explicitly said I didn’t want his old, humongous CRT telly.

He left both behind.

When I got to the house after picking up the keys, and discovered the state it was in, I discovered he’d left both these things. Upon investigating the chair more closely, I decided I didn’t want it after all. I decided I’d put both items in the metal shed outside. I was thwarted: I could lift neither.

I discovered the telly wasn’t actually fitted to its stand, although it was held in place by pegs. I managed to drag the telly almost to a point where it could fall in a controlled manner to the floor. It fell on my hand and my orchid instead. My hand recovered, but my orchid didn’t. I walked the telly slowly and tediously to the metal shed, not caring about whether it got scratched or not in the process. The telly stand, though unwieldy, was much easier to move.

The chair was heavy because of all the reclining-chair electrics and counterbalancing things that are apparently needed in such a chair. It had two paltry castors that allowed the chair to be shoved forwards with much effort. Using said effort, I got the chair to the living room door, through which it would not pass: it was too big. The chair was too heavy for me to manhandle alone, so I somehow managed to shove it back into the middle of the floor.

When the cleaners came round, I asked them if they could get the chair outside and into the shed for me — surely three blokes could manage it, right? Apparently not: it wouldn’t fit through the door no matter which way they tried.

furniture being taken away
goodbye, recliner chair and CRT telly
When Colin came back from his travels, he was keen to keep the chair. However, when he tested it, we discovered it didn’t even work. He was much less keen to keep it then. While I was out somewhere, he took parts of the doomed chair apart, took the door off and managed to get it as far as outside, where he left it.

The telly and the chair have remained in the metal shed and outside, respectively, until yesterday, when they were both moved to the end of the drive so the council can come and pick them up and take them away today.

The council came at lunchtime, and took them away, never to be seen again. Good riddance!

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