Removing the fire surround

corner of fire surround, with two nails in one hole
two nails in one hole

While I was without a suitable spanner for the radiator, I had another go at the fire surround. It’s an Art Deco cast iron affair. I’m sure if it were done up nicely, it would look lovely in someone else’s house.

fire surround, ready for removal

Having bought some more tools, including a pair of pliers, I set to work on the pairs of nails in each hole that attached the surround to the wall. I didn’t use the new pliers so much as the new claw bar. That was pretty instrumental at pulling those pesky long nails out of the wall.

fireplace: chiselled edges

Once I’d got the nails out of the wall, I had thought I would be able to pull it straight off the wall, but it wasn’t to be: the plaster on the wall was holding the surround in, like some sort of glue.

I got the chisels out.

loose fire surround

I had a fine old time chiselling away at the plaster all down each side of the surround and all along the top. I especially had fun chiselling away at the corners, with their stepped edges. It was fortunate that I had different sizes of chisels for those bits.

When I’d done all the way round, the surround came away easily from the wall. I looked at the back of it — it’s rusty and covered with soot. It has the same logo as the fireback. I still can’t read the logo on either item, though. I’d love to find out more about it.

An identical fire surround is currently for sale on eBay for £95, or nearest offer. Note it’s described as “rare”. Is it really that rare if I have one as well?

eBay listing

Maybe I can make a bob or two from mine, too. If I can get the fireback off in one piece, I can put them up for sale as a set on eBay. Otherwise, I’ll just put the surround up for sale. Someone out there, within collecting distance, must be desperate for an Art Deco fireplace that they can restore. Maybe you’re that person 🙂

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