Ginvent calendar 2017

Ginvent 2017

Last year, I received a Ginvent Calendar, an Advent calendar containing a wee dram of gin behind each door instead of a picture or a chocolate. This year, I kept all of my fingers and toes crossed that I’d get another one. It was so much fun trying all the different gins that had been selected. My hopes and wishes came true this year: I received another Ginvent Calendar this year. I was delighted.

Last year’s box had a wheel matching botanicals to tastes, so I tried to guess what botanicals each one was made with. I wasn’t always successful; nor was I successful at blogging about each one, although I did manage to tweet about them all.

I wondered what was on the back of this year’s box. I turned it over, but apparently, I was too keen: the box had a furry security guard.

Mr Perkins guards Ginvent Calendar 2017
Mr Perkins guards Ginvent 2017

When I finally was allowed to look at the box, I came down with a really sore throat. It was so painful to swallow, I wouldn’t have appreciated the gin’s taste and aroma, despite the medicinal nature of a gin and tonic. So I’ve had to delay my sampling of the gin. I’m now up to Day 5 instead of Day 8. But I’m enjoying the gins so far.

Oh, and on the back of the box is a whimsical description of each gin.

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