Parkrun: volunteering 14

Of the six parkruns I’ve been to this year, I’ve run one and volunteered at the rest.

My excuse for not running is my gammy leg, which was fine when I ran my 51st parkrun, but not fine when I went out running with my running group. It’s actually ok now, but I’m quite enjoying volunteering.

I did finish tokens today, which I enjoyed. I chatted to the funnel manager in between runners.

The weather was beautiful: sunny with a lovely blue sky, and no wind. There being no wind in the fens is remarkable. The fens are so flat and largely not built-up, so there’s nothing to stop the wind, which seems to blow in your face whichever way it’s pointing.

Without the wind, my fingers were cold but not frozen, which meant I could give out the finish tokens easily. With the wind we had last weekend, my fingers were stiff and unfeeling, so it was a lot harder to take the tokens off their shoe lace. I really appreciated the still air this week.

We had 90 runners this week, down from 99 last week.

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