Parkrun 49: mud and rainbows

There had been a lot of rain overnight, which made the top layer of soil muddy. That squelchy kind of muddy that makes slipping very easy. I decided to take it easy.

I ran the course with another park runner, which is unusual for me. I occasionally have a little chat with someone that I catch up to or who catches up with me, but I can’t normally talk for long.

When we joined the drove for the second time, we saw a huge rainbow with a faint double bow. It was so pretty, and my time was so slow anyway, that I decided to take a picture of it. My phone has a wide-angle mode, so for the first time ever, I got the whole rainbow in shot. A bit of tweakage was needed to rectify the skewed angles, giving me a photo I’m really happy with.

Rainbow over parkrun

After a while, the rainbow faded away, and we continued to plod round the rest of the course.

Even before we got to the drove for the third and final time, we were looking forward to it so that we could walk and have a rest – but they’d diverted the course onto a tarmac path. This was disappointing: seeing as we were on paved ground, we’d have to run.

My official time was slow, as expected, and a satisfyingly round number, 44:00, pleased me.

After we finished, we were rewarded with yet another magnificent rainbow shining out over the Littleport Leisure centre. The rest of the country might have been bombarded by Storm Arwen, but here, it was beautiful.

Rainbow reward

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