Connecting Blipfoto to WordPress

I’d like to display my latest entry on Polaroid|Blipfoto in a widget on my website, which is hosted by WordPress. There is an old plugin, BlipPress, by Simon Blackbourn that would allow you to do this. However, the Blipfoto API was changed and the plugin has not yet been updated accordingly.

So, given that I’d like to get into WP plugin development myself, I thought I’d have a go at writing my own.

2 thoughts on “Connecting Blipfoto to WordPress

  1. I am on blipfoto as misswinterfinch.
    I am just now starting a page as pdbudwriter[at]
    I am confused. I think I need also to start a blog since I do not see how to write anything of ength on wordpress. PD Budd is writing a mystery crime novel for cats. Only cats appear in it. It is based on the 1940′-50’s radio detective stories. Very noir. Anyway. the episodes that end in cliffhangers need to get online in some form and there are photos of the characters tht go along with the brief episodes.
    Actually as I write this i am not sure I will transfer that many blips to wordpress. Perhaps.
    I just finished reading your entire Journal from when you sold your houseboat and moved on to the land. I checked “follow” because of the divine Mr Perkins, of course.
    Wonder if you have any advice for me?
    What is this website you have with only pandemonium .org ? WordPress?

    1. Hi Linda/misswinterfinch,

      Thanks for signing up and reading my entire blog — I’m flattered. Mr Perkins is delighted by your words, and also by the number of stars you’ve left for him on Blipfoto. He sends you a lovely purr.

      I think it should be quite easy to use a WordPress blog to publish PD Budd’s novel along with the photos. You’d just need to go to and create a free blog from there. You could also check out sites like and, which are dedicated to creative writers and writing.

      My blog,, is indeed a WordPress blog, but it’s self-hosted, rather than being hosted on

      Does this help you?

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