Blipper Widget 1.2.0 is released

On this page:

This release mainly features changes under the bonnet.

I refactored the code so that the blipper widget class now resides in its own file in the new classes directory, where I’ve also moved the settings class.

I added a configuration file for phpDocumentor (phpdoc), a tool that generates documentation from certain stylised comments in the code – much like JSDoc.

I’m not entirely happy with the output of phpdoc, and I don’t understand why it’s come out like that. Perhaps someone will know and add a comment below.

I have no plans to commit the documentation to either GitHub or to WordPress’ SVN repository.

Finally, the change that users can see is the readme file: I updated the the text and the formatting so it looks better when formatted by WordPress and on Blipper Widget’s readme page on this site.

Change log

  • Refactors the blipper widget code.
  • Improves the readme text and formatting.

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