Writing: the story so far

I remember writing a story in primary school; something about Mr Happold and a button. It turned into quite the epic. I never finished it. Nearly all the prose I’ve written since has followed in the same unfinished vein.

In secondary school, I was influenced poetically by Keats. I wrote a few poems reflecting this, including Ode to an orange. One lunchtime, I found a typewriter, and knocked off a quick poem based on a certain poem by Wordsworth. My friends seemed taken by my efforts.

A couple of years ago, I went to creative writing classes. For the course, I wrote a short story, a poem, a memoir and a screenplay. You won’t be seeing anything by me at the West End or on the silver screen. I enjoyed writing the poem; the tutor said that it showed, and that I should write more. I haven’t yet, but I intend to. I enjoy manipulating the language and playing with it. Maybe I’ll acquire an anthology of Keats’ poems for inspiration.

After the course, I set to work on a novel. Colin teases me for never having finished a novel, including my attempts at NaNoWriMo. I went to the follow-on creative writing course for guidance and motivation, and got most of the plot worked out. My continuing struggles with the subplot have caused amother drop in motivation. But I do want to get this story out and onto the page.

I will document my progress here, and share any tips and tools that I find helpful or even unhelpful.

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