palm trees against blue sky in Hawaii

Waimea and back to Kailua-Kona

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It was a lot less volcanic in Waimea than in Volcano. We stayed in an AirBnB that was effectively a granny flat in someone’s house. The flat was lovely. In the garden, they grew exotic fruits, but it was the wrong time of year, although we did have a stalk of bananas dangling outside the door. There was also a pair of chickens and a pair of cats.

It seems with pairs of animals, there’s a shy one and a brave one. There was a pair of chickens and a pair of cats. The brave chicken came running to be fed bananas, and once the shy chicken saw it was banana time, it would bravely approach as well. The shy cat was mostly aloof, but we did make friends with the brave cat.

a real Hawaiian pizzaOur first meal in Waimea was pizza. Of course, we had to try a real Hawaiian pizza. It was so much nicer than Hawaiian pizza here. It was cheesier, meatier, pineapplier and bigger. All of its 18″ didn’t last long once we got it back to the pad.

From our base in Waimea, we learnt about King Kamehameha I, who was the first to unite the islands of Hawaii in 1791, after 19 years of conflict in the islands.

We also drove to the beach and lounged around, sunning ourselves and plodging in the sea.

sunset from mountain roadWe watched the sunset from a view-point on the mountain road. Still no green flash.


We returned to Kailua Kona to return my Hoss. That saddened me immensely. I’d enjoyed driving that car, even though it was huge and unwieldy. It’s wasted on the 55 mph limits of Hawaii, as well. I’d love to buy one here, but I doubt it would fit in the streets where I live, never mind on my drive. I need a Mustang Foal. Do they make them?

After that, Colin did a little work at a coffee shop, while I drank chai latte. Then it was time to do a spot of island-hopping.

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