Blackberry-stitch tea cosy: complete

This is the sixth instalment of the tale of my blackberry stitch tea cosy. Read from the beginning.

After I finished knitting the spout and handle openings, I had to fold each one in half and stitch the loose end to the body of the cosy. Then, I had to stitch the sides of the openings to each other, then finish off by sewing the bottom of the sides of the body of the tea cosy together.

It went well, until I put it on the teapot: it looked as though I’d sewn it together wrong. Not to worry: I’d unpick the sewing and have another go. But I convinced myself I was unpicking the knitting itself, and if I continued, it would unravel completely, and I’d be back to square one. I shoved it all back in my knitting bag and hoped it would somehow resolve itself.

I noticed at the weekend that a local regular crafts session was holding an event specialising in knitting. I thought I could take my tea cosy there and ask someone to show me how to fix it. Before I went, I investigated where I’d gone wrong. It seemed the knitting wasn’t unravelled after all, and all I had to do was sew the edges of one of the openings together and the lower part of the tea cosy sides, and it would be done. So I did this, and now I have a completed tea cosy. I’m very pleased with it, and I am going to make another one.

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