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Colin, who works at Buffer, showed me a website for writers. It was co-founded by Sahir Memon, who is, at the time of writing, in Buffer Bootcamp. The website is called Write Often.

Writing frequently is a great way to get into the habit of writing. You can start off just by writing a few words a day, building up to writing lots and lots of words a day. Lots of writing, even if it’s rubbish, is better than no writing at all. Rubbish writing can always be edited.

The Write Often website gives you a weekly topic, and you write about it and publish it on the website. This week’s topic is:

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Write about a place you always wanted to visit.

I’ve written a short piece about a place I’d really like to go visit. It’s absolute tosh, but then, it’s only a first draft. The point, for me, at least, is to get back into the habit of writing, slowly but surely. If that means writing a little bit of nonsense once a week, then so be it. The idea is that the writing bug infects me once again, and I get down to some serious writing.

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