Where’s the fridge?

My super-duper fridge should have arrived by now, but there’s been nary an email giving me a delivery date.

I checked the progress of my order on the website, to discover it’s still in the first stage of four: order in progress. This means nothing to me, so I decided I’d phone them. It was an 03 number, so I checked to see how much Three would charge me for pressing multiple menu choices and listening to on-hold music. I was pleased to see 03 numbers are included in my free minutes. I could be on hold indefinitely without charge. Yay.

I spoke to a nice lady called Rebecca. She had a look to see what was going on, and realised something was awry. I sensed a palaver about to occur; I was not wrong. She checked the system and discovered there were none of these fridges in the local warehouse or in the national warehouse. She did some phoning around, while I listened to some plinky-plonky hold music, then she said there were eleven people waiting for this fridge, including me, and none of us had a delivery date. After some more plinky-plonk music, she came back and told me that Haier custom-make their fridge-freezers, not like Hotpoint and people like that, who make them by the bucketload. I suppose that explains the cost.

After yet more plinky-plonk music and phoning around, she said there were fridges on order from Haier to their warehouse, but there was no known delivery date. We could either cancel the order or hang fire. I discussed it with Colin; we decided to hang fire. Rebecca said she’d check daily and as soon as she saw one in stock, she’d book a delivery date, thereby bagsying it for me. She’d then ring me to check the date is ok. I thought that was really nice of her.

I just hope it’s days, rather than weeks or months.

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