Water problems

Recently, we’ve had a few problems with our hot water: there wasn’t any. This has been for various reasons, such as the electric element not working in the hot water tank and running out of oil (the gauge said we had loads of oil; lesson: never believe the gauge on an oil tank).

A couple of days ago, the water pressure was really low; so low, the tap, which usually produces a fair gush, produced a mere trickle. Colin was off to Cambridge to meet some of his Buffer buddies, so he left me with instructions to fix the water pressure.

Like I know how to do that. So of course, I did what anyone else in my situation would have done: I googled it. I found a page which would tell me the status of the water supply in our area. It told me that there was a problem affecting the whole village. Well, there was no way I could fix that. I turned to a local group on Facebook, and it seemed we were lucky to have that trickle. I informed Colin; I think I was let off the hook for mending it.

I went for my run, envisaging a terrible shower afterwards, involving boiling the kettle to wash my hair and standing under a warm dribble of water. However, when I got back, the water pressure was much improved, if not back to normal, so I had a decent shower after all.

It was not to last, however. The problem had been caused by a dodgy water pump somewhere, and a second pump went and broke. Then, there was a leak caused by the broken pump (or pumps), which gave us back our dribble. They said all would be fixed by ten o’clock this morning.

We both delayed our runs today until the water was fixed, so we could have nice showers.

I also caught up on loads and loads of washing.

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