The ivy

When I was school age, I read a couple of a friend’s Misty annuals. There was a story in one about ivy and the effects it had on the girl who lived in the house whose walls it grew up. The ivy was evil.

Stella, who lives next door to our house, called today and asked if it would be ok if a man came to cut the ivy that grows up against the wall at the bottom of our garden. That wall is part of Nora’s garage. Nora lives out the back to us on a different street and yet next door to Stella on the same side as us. It’s complicated.

I said that it would be ok. Stella asked if I’d tell Nora it would be ok. Nora was worried about getting permission so that no-one could be accused of trespassing. I went round with Stella and told Nora it would be ok. I suggested that while he was at it, he could cut the ivy that grows up our outhouse. I think Nora agreed to this. She said he was coming round tomorrow dinnertime to cut her rose bushes and he’d probably do the ivy after that. The man has been ill, so he might not be up to it.

Nora complained that the previous owner of my house never did anything about the ivy when she asked him to. This means it’s been growing unchecked for ages, and she’s worried it’s damaging her wall. The ivy is evil.

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