The fridge has… arrived!

The fridge was due for delivery today. I was to get a text message and an email between eight and nine the night before telling me when my delivery slot would be. Then I would get a phone call when the delivery lorry was half an hour away. After the previous disappointment, I was half-expecting more disappointment.

But, last night, I got an email and then a text telling me I would receive my fridge early this afternoon. I still didn’t quite believe it, but I dutifully helped Colin manhandle the old fridge outside. Not an easy manoeuvre, but we did it.

my super-duper fridge-freezerWhen I got a call from one of the two deliverymen to say they were half an hour away, I felt I might actually get my super-duper fridge!

Half an hour later, they were at the door, ready to collect the old fridge and bring in the new fridge. I was excessively excited.

The doorways were awkward, but the back door was a definitely better option than the front door, so the bringing-in-of-the-fridge commenced. After a bit of a heave-ho, and a bit more manoeuvring, they got it in position. It looked magnificent. They said we had to wait four and a half hours to let the gases settle before we could switch it on. This was disappointing, but I could live with it: I had the manual to read, after all.

The manual had a lot of cautions in it (in not-quite-translated-right English); we’re not to allow infants to climb into the freezer drawer, for example. After the cautions, it said to clean it with water, so I did that, while thinking this would eat nicely into those four and a half hours. After cleaning it, I returned to the manual. It said that after cleaning it, I was to wait six hours to switch it on.

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