Still no running

I now haven’t gone for a run in several days. This is really bad because I have been ingesting an awful lot of evil carbs. I had cheesy chips on Wednesday evening, which was fine because I went running that day. I had pizza on Friday evening. I’ve had a cup of hot chocolate most evenings. Worst of all, I had a cream tea for lunch today in Auntie’s Tea Shop in Cambridge. All these carbs were absolutely delicious. It’s fair to say my favourite food is carbs.

I wonder if my body has been craving rest and carbs or if I’m just reverting back to greedy and lazy. My legs did keep seizing up every time I kept still for a while, whether sitting, standing or lying down. They’re not quite back to normal now, after a few days off, but they are feeling a lot better. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll get back into the swing of things. I need to soon before I completely lose the running habit.

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