Slightly tarnished blog?

I have rediscovered all my old pages on LaTeX. I thought it was a shame to get rid of them back when I restarted this blog, and I still think that. So that I can clear out the baggage of where they were stored, I’ve uploaded them here. A lot of them pre-date the reboot, hence the possible tarnishing of my shiny new blog.

I first exported the pages from the WordPress blog they were in and imported them to a locally hosted WordPress blog where I could fiddle with them to my heart’s content.

I deleted a few obsolete and unnecessary pages. I updated some of the remaining ones a little:

  • I updated the pages to use the dreaded block editor.
  • I changed example snippets to minimum working examples.
  • I added examples where I thought they’d help.
  • I added screenshots of the compiled LaTeX code.
  • I changed their WordPress post type from page to post.
  • I categorised the newly formed posts as either LaTeX or BibTex.
  • I tagged the newly formed posts appropriately.
  • I added classes and other attributes to make them look more modern and snazzy.

When I was done, I exported the posts and backed up this site.

I imported the posts here to a new user so that it would be easy to delete them all if it went badly wrong. The images have not come out well: instead of downloading them from the source and reuploading them here, they’re all links to localhost. That’s not going to work well. Luckily, I have them all to hand, having just generated them. It’s just one more step of a very tedious process.

I checked the styles, and everything seemed in order; I deleted the new user and reassigned the posts to myself – I did write them after all!

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