Tools in a shopping basket

Shopping for tools of mass destruction

I went shopping for tools of mass destruction. But, sadly, I didn’t buy a pickaxe.


I asked the man in Homebase for advice on how to fix the two-part pickaxe together securely. He suggested I get a mattock, which looked pretty cool, instead, because it came already assembled. However, it looked more like it was for breaking stuff up than for levering stuff away. I explained to the man what I wanted to do and why I was looking at pickaxes. He suggested a bigger crowbar instead.

I bought the following:

  • a bigger crowbar;
  • a claw bar;
  • a big cold chisel;
  • two bolster chisels;
  • a new pair of pointy-nosed pliers;
  • a set of spanners, hoping one would fit the radiator, seeing as they didn’t have any so-called radiator spanners;
  • a key to bleed the radiator;
  • a bucket;
  • a couple of Flexi Tubs to put the rubbish in to take to the tip.

The spanners didn’t fit the radiator.

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