Running makes leg go pop!

I pulled a muscle in my leg while I was out with my running group. We hadn’t gone particularly far when it happened. I tried to continue running, but my leg wasn’t having it. It was similar to my old HOP injuries. Someone said they’d keep me company for the rest of the way, which I thought was kind of them, while the others carried on.

We walked most of the way, chatting about this and that, with my running group friend encouraging me to run a couple of times. I did my best, and although the pain did ease up when walking, it felt too tight to run for long. We cut the 5k short and headed back to the meeting point to find the others were waiting for our return. I felt bad that they’d had to stand around in the cold, but it also gave me the warm fuzzies.

From my HOP experience , I know I’ll have to rest my leg for a couple of weeks before I even think about going running again, otherwise I’ll make it worse. What a nuisance.

Looks like I’ll be doing some more volunteering at parkrun instead of running for the next couple of weeks.

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