Removing a bit of wood

I decided to redecorate the room that is to become my study/studio. This was a year ago. I stripped the delightful woodchip wallpaper from the walls and the ceiling. The ceiling was in a bad way in parts, so I decided it would be nice to replace it. To this end, I’d have to remove the piece of wood on the ceiling that the curtain rail was attached to. The ceiling slopes — a bit like the tumblehome of a narrowboat — to the top of the window — not like the tumblehome of a narrowboat. Here, I got stuck.

piece of wood stuck to the wallOne of the screws holding the wood to the ceiling was well painted in, and I couldn’t budge it for toffee. I asked for help on the internet. The best answer seemed to be to stick a screwdriver in the slot and give it a good whack with a hammer. I tried that, but to no avail, so I became disheartened and gave up on it. Until now.

Now that I have my HOP muscles, I gave it another go. Plus, I want my room! I took my screwdriver to the screw, gave it a good hard whack, and tried to turn it. To my surprise, it moved. After that, it was easy to remove.

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