Parkrun: 64th time volunteering

The morning threatened to be cold and damp, but the rain stayed away, and the sun came out intermittently, making a palpable difference to the temperature.

I handed out 94 finish tokens to 94 people ranging in age from under 10 to over 70. The extremes always impress me.

I’m also impressed by the people who come every week, rain and/or shine, who slog their way round the course till they cross the line out of breath and knackered. One person has done that – not just at our parkrun – over 300 times!

I’m in awe of the fast runners. We have one bloke in particular that often finishes first. Based on him finishing, I can tell whether the other fast runners are super speedy or just speedy.

This week, however, he wasn’t running but volunteering, so I couldn’t tell if the first finisher was fast or not. Turned out he was none too shabby, coming in at just over 18 minutes.

As it’s the 22nd today, there was tutu (two-two) theme amongst some of the runners.

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