Parkrun 46

My forty-sixth parkrun was in Riverside Park. I dragged my mam along; she didn’t partake, but cheered me on from the sidelines. She’s great!

I’ve done Riverside parkrun twice before, and each time I’ve run faster than my usual times at my local parkrun. Maybe it’s the surface – not quite as much grass and no narrow droves – but I like to think it’s being back on my home turf. This time was no different. My time was the slowest I’ve done at Riverside parkrun, which isn’t a surprise considering my low fitness levels, but it was still faster than I’ve managed at my local parkrun post-pandemic.

My official time was 35:34, and I’m pleased with it.

Riverside parkrun (image from Strava)

My favourite part of the route, apart from the finish line, is the path alongside the river. You can look at the water and the ducks and swans to take your mind off the running. Lovely.

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