Parkrun 45

I wore my new running leggings at parkrun today. I really like them – I might even go so far as to recommend them. They’re comfortable, they fit well and they stay up. Considering they were less than £15, they’re an absolute bargain.

The weather seemed cool at first, but it was close with little breeze, but it soon felt pretty hot. I hadn’t done any warm ups, and my legs felt as stiff as sticks to start with. I soon got into a rhythm, though, encouraged by marshals along the route.

After a while, I fell into place in front of three ladies. One of them was clearly fitter than the others – ‘You go on ahead!’ and ‘Don’t let us keep you!’ – but she wanted to stay with her friends. I was glad she did because she was really encouraging to her friends and I used that encouragement to keep myself going. I flagged a few times, but I wanted to stay ahead of the three ladies if I could. I was hoping the fit one would do a sprint finish ahead of me for her sake, but one of her friends needed extra encouragement, so she helped her instead. Good for her.

I was really pleased with my time: under 40 minutes for the first time since my last pre-pandemic parkrun. Go me!

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