Parkrun 43

I missed the second parkrun back, but I went to the third one, my 43rd.

My aims this week were to:

  1. finish
  2. not walk
  3. beat my previous time.

I was determined not to walk for any of it, following the coaching from the keeper of the gate that first week, and which he reiterated this week to keep me going. He said I could slow down as much as I wanted, as long as I didn’t walk. This strategy should surely help me get a faster time.

The support from the volunteers and other runners really helped me. One of the best things about parkrun for me is the support and encouragement, especially when you’re struggling. It turns the 5k from an impossible slog to a near-impossible slog. It feels good to give encouragement to others, too.

I found it really difficult not to walk, especially on the lengthened drove section, and had several battles between my legs and lungs and my head. My head won, and I persevered, knocking a couple of minutes off my previous time.

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