New running gear

With the death of my Jawbone UP24, I became disheartened by the whole running thing. I like to be able to measure how well I do. The only way I could do this without my UP was to use my phone. My phone is an iPhone 6 Plus, which is far too big to drag round with me, especially without an armband or bumbag or similar. We looked into these sorts of things, but found nothing suitable.

Finally, Colin started looking into those fitness watch things. We decided that the Garmin Forerunner 225 was the best one for what we wanted. We left it a while, then ordered one each; they arrived at the weekend. With the first of a new month imminent, we made that the start of our new running regimes.

I also subscribed to the paid version of the Strava app, to keep track of lots of running statistics. I’m most excited about the heart rate monitoring that is provided by the Forerunner 225.

I also downloaded and subscribed to the My Fitness Pal app, which you can use to track your food. It tells you how many calories you may eat per day if you’re to reach your weight goal, if you’ve set one. It connects to Strava and subtracts the calories burnt through exercise from the calories consumed, so you know where you’re at. It will also help me keep track of all those evil carbs, too. So far, it seems better than that provided by the UP app.

All this expense motivates me to run: I’ve paid all this money for stuff, so I must use it.

Colin and I had been out running together, but we’ve been running separately this time. I have started with my bog standard run, which is 1.1 miles. I know I’m unfit when I can’t do this run very well. Oh well; it’s only been two days.

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