How to make a bed-sofa

The bed-sofa is in place.

“What’s a bed-sofa?” I hear you ask.

It’s like a sofa-bed, but instead of a sofa converting into a bed, it’s a bed that’s converted into a sofa.

“???” I hear you ask.

This is how we did it.

We removed the headboard from the double bed in the spare room, and put it to one side. The headboard isn’t needed. We took the mattress downstairs and put it on its side in the living room. Next, we unscrewed the little metal strips holding the two halves of the divan together, and carried each half downstairs separately; they’re surprisingly light.

the bed-sofa
the bed-sofa

Once all the relevant parts were downstairs, we reassembled the bed and put it so the long edge was against the wall.

After I’d covered the mattress with a protector, I arranged a couple of throws over it to hide the entire bed from sight.

You need something to lean against. I’d bought some cushions a few days earlier, which I arranged propped up against the wall to form the back of the sofa. These cushion-backed sofas are all the rage nowadays.

And that’s it: how to make a bed sofa.

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