Global Running Day 2017: challenge accepted

Strava likes its challenges. They’re often monthly, but sometimes they only last a day. One such challenge is to run 1 km on Global Running Day 2017, which is today, the 7th June. I’d already accepted the challenge, so I donned my running get-up and headed out.

Strava Global Running Day 2017 challenge completion badgeBelatedly, I realised that the Strava app on my watch was showing the distance in miles, not kilometres. Cue some difficult mental arithmetic involving conversions from 5 km being equal to 3 miles. I came up with 0.62 miles as being the same as 1 km, then realised how much easier the sums would have been if I’d started with 10 km being equal to 6.2 miles. Still, at least I came up with the right answer.

I thought I’d run at least 0.7 miles, just to make sure I covered the kilometre, as recommended by Strava, and ended up running a whole mile in 9.59 minutes — less than ten minutes. Challenge completed.

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