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Ginvent: day 5

Today’s gin was Slingsby London Dry Gin. I had it with Fever Tree tonic water.

It was colourless and smelt of gin. I detected a sweet taste and possibly nutty tones. Surprisingly, it made the mouth water — making it rather moreish.

Slingsby lists the botanicals as:

green and jasmine tea, severn sea rosemary, silver posie thyme, citrus thyme, garden thyme, rhubarb, sage, lovage, chervil, nettle and sweet cicely. Our internationally sourced ingredients include: rose hip, angelica, cassia, orris roots, coriander, liquorice grapefruit and Madagascan juniper.


Rose hip would give it a sweetness, so I wasn’t completely off, although there’s nothing really nutty in the list.

I liked this gin a lot, and I gave it 8/10. I would definitely drink it again.

Here’s what I tweeted about it:

#Ginvent day 5: I get a sweet zesty and juicy gin, possibly with nutty overtones.

— Caity Ross (@pandammonium) December 5, 2016

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