Fridge reordered

After the disappointment of not getting my super-duper fridge, I was on the lookout for another one. I had spent ages researching fridges before, and had found the perfect one. I would have been even more disappointed if I couldn’t get one that was at least similar.

I googled for Haier fridge-freezers in the hope I’d get something almost as good. After being told my super-duper one was the end of the line, I wasn’t optimistic. Nevertheless, I found a similar one, and got very excited. It was even more expensive than the previous one, however, so I baulked a little. I consulted with Colin. He said it would be ok, as long as it fit. I hunted down the tape measure and compared our existing fridge’s measurements. The Haier is a little bigger, but it will fit.

I went back to the website, and made sure the company was genuine and had good reviews, since I’d never heard of them. I checked out the promotion video of the fridge — and discovered it was exactly the same super-duper fridge that I’d had my heart set on before.

remind yourself how super-duper this fridge is

So now I have ordered it. It should be here on Friday. I can’t help but feel I’m going to be let down again, though.

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